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Fine grained pink/red sandstone.


Extracted nr Annan Dumfriesshire , this stone was extensively quarried in the 1800’s , and supplied to many prestigious projects throughout Britain, including the original pedastal to the Duke of Wellingtons Monument, (Admiralty Arch), Liverpool Street Station, London, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, and the famous ‘Million Dollar Staircase’, New York State Capitol Building, among many others.

Its subtle variation of pink colouring and fine grain and its wealth of history have also made it a popular choice for specifiers in more recent times and we have supplied stone for a palace in Oman, Newcastle Crown Courts, Falkirk Sheriffs Court, and many other major contracts.


Ashlar walling
Thin cladding Fischer type system 40mm min
Dressed / Carved stone
Rock faced walling
Rubble walling
Rockery stone
External flooring / Paving Light use only
External steps / Platts Light use only
Internal flooring (requires sealant)

Declaration of Performance to BS EN 771-6-2011 Natural Stone Masonry Units:

Resistance to fire Class A1
Shear bond strength Fixed Value
Apparent Density (Kg/m3) 1980
Open Porosity (%) 24.9
Water absorption (g/m2.sec2) 60.5
Comperessive Strength (Mpa) 32
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 5.6
Frost Resistance (Cycles) 84
Thermal Conductivity NPD

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