Natural Stone Cladding

Stone clad concrete panels and lightweight cladding systems

Natural stone cladding systems combine the durability and beauty of natural stone with the benefits of cost savings and ease of construction/installation.


Thin natural stone panels are used to clad the development; these panels are for aesthetic purposes only and do not form part of the structural integrity of the building or make it weather tight.

The ‘Rainscreen’ system consists of stone supported by a proprietary hanging/fixing system made from aluminium or stainless steel, and usually has open joints. Sandstone can normally be produced between 30 and 50mm thk. depending on the strength characteristics of the material.

Stone for this type of application needs to be very durable.

Stone clad concrete panels

The image shows 50mm thk Dunhouse Buff which is cast onto large concrete panels and held in place with stainless steel pins drilled into the back of each stone at 45 deg. This removes the need for wet trades on site and scaffolding the building, and allows much of the process to occur off site and delivered 'just in time'.

Stone Veneer

This method of construction uses a thin veneer of stone (3 to 5mm) which is bonded onto large aluminium honeycombed panels and then hung from a lightweight frame. These panels can be bent around corners as can be seen in the image of Glasgow South Hospital using Dunhouse Buff.

Haddington Place, Edinburgh

This project was clad with 30mm Catcastle Buff panels hung on a rainscreen system with open joints.

Buchannan Galleries Glasgow

The stone was produced at 2.5" thickness and cast onto concrete panels using a proprietary system which leaves a cavity behind the stone. The stone used was Catcastle Grey.

Clydesdale Plaza, Edinburgh

This project used 50mm Dunhouse Buff panels cast onto concrete panels, however the ground floor was constructed traditionally with 100mm thk load bearing masonry.

Our Stone Range

We have a wide choice of natural stone suitable for stone cladding, including many stone colours and textures.  Explore our selection and choose the best stone for your project using our stone finder.