Our Stone

Find the perfect, premium stone for your project

Our portfolio of natural stone has been carefully curated over 75 years to offer the broadest selection of stone colours and textures. From Scottish Red Sandstone to Nothumberland buff stone, we quarry the finest stone across the North of England and Scotland.

Select a stone below for more technical specifications and reference buildings.

Stone Sample Ashlar Walling Thin Cladding Fischer Type System Dressed / Carved Stone Rock faced walling Rubble walling Rockery stone External Flooring / Paving External Steps / Platts Internal Flooring (requires sealant)
Dunhouse Buff 40mm min Light use only, can discolour. Light use only, can discolour.
Blaxter 40mm min No No
Catcastle Buff Yes No No
Cop Crag No No
Northumberland Buff No No
Lazonby Yes
Corsehill 40mm min Light use only Light use only
Elswick Grey 40mm min No No
Bearl Sandstone No No
Catcastle Grey 40mm min No No

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