Bearl Sandstone

Medium grained cream/buff variegated sandstone

Quarried near Corbridge in Northumberland, Bearl is a light coloured medium grained sandstone that has mainly been used to build houses churches and bridges in its locality.

This stone is good to work and carve but is reasonably durable, and the quarry yields good square block from its plentiful reserves.

Bearl has recently been used for the façade of a major shopping development in Granton, north of Edinburgh, as well as for many housing developments in Northumberland. Its creamy white colouring and consistency have led to its use for restoration works in Edinburgh.


Ashlar Walling
Thin Cladding, Generix Lite System  
Dressed / Carved Stone
Rock Faced Walling
Rubble Walling  
Rockery Stone  
External Flooring / Paving  
External Steps / Platts  
Internal Flooring (requires sealant)

Declaration of Performance

To BS EN 771-6-2011 Natural Stone Masonry Units

Resistance to Fire Class A1
Shear Bond Strength Fixed Value
Apparent Density (Kg/m³) 2216
Open Porosity (%) 14.3
Water Absorpotion (g/m.sec²) 37.7
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 30.47
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 4.6
Frost Resistance (Cycles) 84
Thermal Conductivity NPD

Case Study

Morrisons, Granton

  • Stone Used: Bearl Sandstone
  • Stone Supplied To: Miller Construction
  • Year: 2008

Case Study

Housing Development, Corbridge

  • Stone Used: Bearl Sandstone
  • Year: 2006