Ashlar Walling

Sawn Walling Stone from the North of England and Scotland

Ashlar walling is a type of masonry where blocks of stone are sawed or dressed to be a uniform shape (square or rectangular), size and have a smooth surface. 

Since the ashlar blocks are finely cut and worked to have squared edges, thin joints can be achieved (normally 5mm) with very little mortar between them.

Coursed ashlar walling is when the blocks are laid in horizontal courses to form continuous horizontal joints.

Random ashlar masonry is when squared and worked stones of different sizes are laid so that joints are neither vertically nor horizontally continuous.

sawn walling

Our walling stone can come in a variety of types and finishes to suit most requirements.

The finishes we offer are Pitched faced walling, Split faced walling and Tumbled walling.

Sizing Options -

  • Set heights - Normally 100mm bed/width x 140mm height, but heights up to 300mm can be achieved.
  • Random Sizes - Normally 100mm bed x random height and random length

Packaged on pallets and shrink wrapped, approx 5m² per pallet and just over a tonne weight.

To build -

  • To be built traditionally with a mortar bed
  • Does not require any further dressing/finishing.

Our Natural Stone Range

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