Dunhouse Blue

Fine grained blue/grey sandstone.

Extracted in Lancashire this blue/grey sandstone has a very fine grain and is extremely durable due to its high strength and low porosity.

Dunhouse Blue is therefore an excellent material for paving, steps, plats, copings etc, or in fact any stone in an exposed position.

It was the ideal choice for Historic Scotland when choosing a stone for the spitters for the restoration of the Great Hall Stirling Castle as these stones are exposed to the weather and are designed to carry rainwater without a lead flashing to protect them.

Dunhouse Blue can also be used as ashlar and can carry a highly polished finish.


Ashlar Walling
Thin Cladding, Generix Lite System
Dressed / Carved Stone
Rock Faced Walling
Rubble Walling  
Rockery Stone  
External Flooring / Paving
External Steps / Platts
Internal Flooring (requires sealant)

Declaration of Performance

To BS EN 771-6-2011 Natural Stone Masonry Units

Resistance to Fire Class A1
Shear Bond Strength Fixed Value
Apparent Density (Kg/m³) 2523
Open Porosity (%) 5.59
Water Absorpotion (g/m.sec²) 10.64
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 110.24
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 15.7
Frost Resistance (Cycles) 84
Thermal Conductivity NPD

Case Study

Bishop Auckland Market Place

  • Stone Used: Dunhouse Blue

Case Study

Stirling Castle Spitters

  • Stone Used: Dunhouse Blue
  • Stone Supplied To: Stirling Stone
  • Year: 1998

Case Study

West Regents Street, Glasgow

  • Stone Used: Dunhouse Blue